You Ought to be in Pictures! 

We are happy to announce that IHM's new pictorial directory is in pre-production!
  • Family portraits will be taken October 9th-13th. 
  • Every family that participates gets a free 8x10 photo and copy of the directory!
  • Each session takes about an hour, including registration, posing for portraits, making your selection of a photo for the directory/free photo, and purchasing any additional prints . 
  • Watch for announcements in the bulletin and after Masses.
  • Sign-up in the Narthex after Masses the weekends of September 22/23 and 29/30. On-line sign-up also available - Click Here.

Parish Mission Follow-up

Should you wish to reach out to Fr. MacDonald, you may contact him at the following address:
Father Kevin MacDonald C.Cs.R.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
998 Father Donlan Drive
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168-0729

Church Bulletins ​

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Sept 23, 2018
Sept 16, 2018
Sept 9, 2018
Sept 2, 2018
Aug 26, 2018
Aug 19, 2018

Parish Calendar​​

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Prayer List

Those ill or injured in need of prayer

Paul Gibb, Fr. George Kloster, Pat McClure, Alexandra Miranda, 
Merrill Morrison, Mitch Newman, Clem Shipper. Earl Wilson

Military Prayer List

Pray for our American Heroes

  Rochelle Andrews, Brett Benfer, Thomas Biller, Josh Boyts, John Buckley, Jr., Courtney Caron, Christa Casselberry
Paul E. Cluverius, Fred Coon, Patrick Cusak, Aaron Darty, Jamaul Davis, Blake Elliott, Jr., Andrew Filewood, Grant Fleming, Ben Goergen, Chris Goergen, Christopher C. Hatch, Jason Hemsley, Austin Holecheck, Jeremy Holecheck, Daniel Hopkins,
Devon Jones, Timothy Keeton, Ari Kliemon, Richard Knox, Justin Lansford, George W. Lucier, Bradley Mahoney,

Matthew Marks, Kyle Maher, Anthony Particini, Martin Price, Robert Raber, Robert Rankin, James Rihn, Kelsie Rodges,  
Rachel and Justin Riopelle, Jacob Spaulding, Danny Spiker, Dennis Spiker, Ben Studybaker, Melica Thayer,
Stephen Thompson, Jackie Twitty, Carlton Van Buskirk IV, David Vivian, Christopher Wall, Chad T. Webb, Eric Wilson,
Lynda Wilson, Jason Williford, Jimyejo Williford, Clay Woody, Clint Woody, Reid Woody