Advent & Christmas at IHM 

​​ St. Vincent de Paul Angel Tree Ministry (Nov 26 - Dec 9) ​​
All Weekends in Advent - Jesse Tree Program
Monday, December 3rd - Ornament Exchange/Luncheon - 11:30am
Saturday, December 8th - Immaculate Conception Holy Day of Obligation - 4pm Mass
(No Vigil Mass this weekend)
​Sunday, December 9th - Second Sunday of Advent - 9am Mass
(Deadline for Angel Tree Gifts)
Wednesday, December 12th - Our Lady of Quadalupe - 5pm Mass and Meal to Follow
Saturday, December 15th - Advent Concert - 1:30pm
Monday, December 24th - Christmas Eve Mass - 4pm
Tuesday, December 25th - Chrismas Day Mass - 9:30am
Tuesday, January 1st - Solemnity of Mary Holy Day of Obligation - 9:30am Mass @ St. William
Saturday, January 5th - Epiphany/Three Kings Day - 4pm Mass
(Presentation of Gifts with Cake/Hot Chocolate to Follow)

Church Bulletins ​

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Dec 16, 2018
Dec 9, 2018
Dec 2, 2018
Nov 25, 2018
Nov 18, 2018
Nov 11, 2018

You Ought to be in Pictures! 

IHM's new pictorial directory is in production!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  When and where will family portraits be taken?
      A: Portraits will be taken October 9th-13th in the office and learning center area. 
​Q:  When is my appointment?  
     A:  You will receive a call to remind you of your appointment from Re:MEMBER Church Directories.  To verify your appointment time, contact Vickie Ware at (678) 234-5382. 
Q:  I don't have appointment.  Can I still make one? 
     A:  There are a few open time slots on Tuesday, October 9th.  Contact Vickie Ware  at (678) 234-5382. 
Q:  How long will the picture take?
     A:  Each session takes about an hour, including registration, posing for portraits, making your selection for the directory/free photo, and purchasing any additional prints.
Q:  How much will this cost?  
     A:  Each family that participates gets a free 8x10 portrait and a copy of the directory.  If you choose to purchase additional professional portraits to share with family and friends, you can do so at your own cost. 
Q:  How should I dress?  What color should I wear?
     A:  It is up to you! That said, the professionals recommend you select solid colors other than white, and coordinate with the other members in your family. 
Q:  Can I bring my furry family members?
     A:  We recognize that pets are family, too.  If your pet is comfortable and safe around people, bring them.  That said, remember that you will need to be at church for an hour, so make sure your furry family members don't get stressed out and cause harm to themselves or anyone else. 
Q:  I keep getting calls about making an appointment, and I've already made mine. 
     A:  All registered members of IHM received robo-calls about the appointments on the three weekends when we were making appointments, regardless if you had already scheduled or not.  You will also receive a call the week of October 8th, reminding you of your appointment time. 
Q:  Can you just use my picture from the last directory?
     A:  The previous IHM pictorial directory was produced by a different company, so we do not have access to those photographs.  Besides, we know you've gotten prettier and more handsome since then!  
Q:  Do I need to be a registered member of IHM to participate?
     A:  Our preference is that all people who regularly attend Immaculate Heart of Mary be registered members.  That said, if you frequent IHM and are active in the parish, regardless of your registration status, we want you to feel a part of our parish and be in the directory.   For your convenience, we will have parish registration forms available for you when you come for your portrait. 
Q:  Why was I contacted for our birthday and anniversary dates?
     A:  One of the directory formats offered by Re:member Church Directories is the "Community Builder".  It includes the MONTH/DAY of family birthdays and wedding anniversaries along with the photos.  That way, a fellow parishioner can offer a special greeting on your special day.  If you are not comfortable sharing this information, let us know and we will leave it out. 

Q:  Someone called me asking for my credit card number again.  I already paid.  Is this a scam?
     A:  This is not a sam.  One of the photographers had a technical problem with the credit card software. This resulted in charges not being processed for 17 families who ordered photo packages. Those affected were notified by Re:Member Church Directories or by Vickie Ware on the IHM account with instructions on how to handle.  We apologize for any concern or inconvenience this has caused you. 

Q:  I was unable to have my portrait made.  Can I submit a photo to be included in the directory?
     A:  You can submit a digital portrait of yourself, a couple or a family for a cost of $10.  Email your photo to [email protected]  Make your check out to Re:member Church Directories, put it in an envelope addressed to VICKIE WARE - CHURCH DIRECTORY, and drop off in the IHM office.  All photos and checks must be submitted no later than November 25th. 

Q:  When will we receive our portrait?
     A:  If you purchased a portrait package, these will be mailed to your home.  If you opted only for the free 8x10 portrait, these were mailed to the church.  Vickie Ware will be in the Narthex before and after Masses on select weekends to distribute.  Update:  All deliveries of photographs are complete. Contact Vickie Ware if you did not receive your order or if you experienced any issues with it.   
Q:  When will the directories be ready? 
      A:   The next steps in the production process are proofing, editing, approval and printing.  We expect to have the finished 2019 directories available for distribution in February.

Parish Calendar​​

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Prayer List

Those ill or injured in need of prayer

      Lisa Sorbara Crowe, Paul Gibb, Fr. George Kloster, Missie Kirkland, Pat McClure, Alexandra Sorbara Miranda, Merrill Morrison, 
Dolores Spurk, Karen Watson, Earl Wilson

Military Prayer List

Pray for our American Heroes

  Rochelle Andrews, Brett Benfer, Thomas Biller, Josh Boyts, John Buckley, Jr., Courtney Caron, Christa Casselberry
Paul E. Cluverius, Fred Coon, Patrick Cusak, Aaron Darty, Jamaul Davis, Blake Elliott, Jr., Andrew Filewood, Grant Fleming, Ben Goergen, Chris Goergen, Christopher C. Hatch, Jason Hemsley, Austin Holecheck, Jeremy Holecheck, Daniel Hopkins,
Devon Jones, Timothy Keeton, Ari Kliemon, Richard Knox, Justin Lansford, George W. Lucier, Bradley Mahoney,

Matthew Marks, Kyle Maher, Anthony Particini, Martin Price, Robert Raber, Robert Rankin, James Rihn, Kelsie Rodges,  
Rachel and Justin Riopelle, Jacob Spaulding, Danny Spiker, Dennis Spiker, Ben Studybaker, Melica Thayer,
Stephen Thompson, Jackie Twitty, Carlton Van Buskirk IV, David Vivian, Christopher Wall, Chad T. Webb, Eric Wilson,
Lynda Wilson, Jason Williford, Jimyejo Williford, Clay Woody, Clint Woody, Reid Woody