Special Announcements

Total Solar Eclipse Weekend Saturday 8/19 -Monday 8/21

IHM Masses are on normal schedule
Due to expected increased traffic, allow extra time to get to Church
The Parish office will be closed on Monday, August 21st

For Eclipse Weekend, to get local news via your cell phone, such as special messages from the County information center regarding gridlock, criminal activity, or disasters that may occur, dial (text address) 888-777 and then enter your zip code. Alternatively, sign up for phone meesages in advance for your home or cell phones, go to https://local.nixle.com/register// . These will come from a special “Operations Center” of the County with input from all agencies including EMS, Police, Hospital, National Forestry Service, state and regional emergency services.
Please caution people not to look directly at the eclipse, even during the so-called “Safe Time” of totality because you may mistake the timing.  The consequence is “legal blindness” from even a brief exposure which will burn your central retina area. Always use the special eclipse glasses, not ordinary sunglasses.
 Finally, be especially diligent in protecting children from looking at the Eclipse.   

Holy Sacrament of Confirmation

​​Celebrant - Bishop Peter Jugis ​​
Sunday, 17 September 2017
9am Liturgy

​​Confirmation Candidates: 

​​Javier Bustamante
Jose Guadalupe Constantino
Alejandra Abigal Desiderio
Omar Fonceca

​​Maria Guadalupe Fonceca​​
Seiry Mozqueda
Irene Renteria

​​ Prayer for Our Candidates