Below are the Liturgical Assignments for the month of December 2017.

If you find that you cannot serve, please get a replacement, or contact the set-up person for that day. 

Greeters:  Please remember to leave Mass during the final hymn to pass out the weekly bulletins as people leave the Sanctuary.

​If you have questions about the schedule, please contact AJ Borowski , Phone (386) 864-0995

​​If you are called to serve, please contact:​​
Acolytes & Sacristry:  Jim Brummert
Altar Set-up:   Riki Fiebel (828) 389-0515
Extraordinary Ministers:   Melinda D'Agrosa (828) 389-6340
Greeters & Lectors: AJ Borowski  (386) 864-0995
Music: Cody Killian (828) 361-7888
Sound System:   Ott Fiebel, Steve Smith, Tom Spilsbury
UshersTom Schmitt (828) 389-7095

                Hint:  If name is underlined, click it to send an email!